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Remodeling Projects

Remodeling Projects – Professional Services in Florida

Architectural renovations require the unique qualities of the existing building and the new required features to be thoroughly assessed. The process is started by researching the background of the building along with its structural components and the site constraints and limitations that are presented. Once this is done, the portions of the existing building that limit finding a greater purpose for the building are removed.
Miklos Architecture will add and build new features and spaces that thoughtfully create a new piece of architecture that is respectful of the building’s past and celebrates its future. We join the old and new to a seamless composition that will meet with the client’s needs.



Contemporary Splash

Eden Renovation

Mediterranean Estate

Lake and Sky

Grand Estate

Artful Display


About a Car

With a View


Animal Clinic

Jade Palace


Giano Renovation

Get the Process of Architectural Renovations Started

Before the architectural renovations can begin, we will meet with you to discuss your needs and set in place a plan and design for the work to take place. You can expect to cover topics such as design and layout, building systems, materials to use, roofing systems, flooring systems and the various structural concerns that need to be taken into account.
To learn more about our architectural renovation services in Florida, contact us at Miklos Architecture today.