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Miklos Architecture

From Concept to Completion, from Contemporary to Classic, your Dreams are Our Inspiration. Let us Design an Architectural Masterpiece for you

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Architectural Services Offered by Miklos Architecture in Florida

At Miklos Architecture, we have over 30 years of experience in the field of architecture in Florida. By working closely with you and paying great attention to detail we are able to bring your architectural dreams to life. We can transform any property and building into precisely what you have in mind.


What to Expect from Our Architects


We offer professional residential architecture, commercial architecture and luxury architecture services. We have designed and overseen the creation of residential estates, medical facilities, mausoleums, automobile dealerships, multi-family developments and entire residential communities.

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We offer professional architectural planning services in the fields of new home plans, residential, commercial and institutional architecture. Our team will work closely with you to assist with the creation and further carrying out of your project from concept to completion.

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Interior Architecture

Interior architecture involves defining and refining of the inner spaces of the project to create a visual environment that:

  • Promotes happiness
  • Safety
  • Client vision
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Functional

We use our knowledge of texture, color, day and night lighting, materials and patterns. We integrate the buildings structure, safety concerns and other technical issues to create interior spaces that complement the client.

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Architectural Renovations

Architectural renovations begin with an assessment of the unique qualities of the existing building and what new features a client wants to add. We begin by researching the history of the building, the existing structural components, site constraints and limitations. Thereafter we only subtract (remove) the portions of the existing building elements that limit us from finding a new and greater purpose or use of the structure.

Miklos Architecture will add and build new features and spaces that thoughtfully create a new piece of architecture that is respectful of the building’s past and celebrates its future. We mesh the old and new to a seamless composition that will meet with the client’s needs.

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