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Our commercial architecture portfolio demonstrates our allegiance to the nobility of Hallmark design. Our commercial construction and renovation services enable us to create identifiable architectural designs that exemplify the client’s business enterprise. Learn more about each of our complete commercial architecture projects in Florida below:

Car Showroom

Animal Clinic


Office Complex

Extreme Makeover

Jade Palace


405 North



Stages of Commercial Architecture

There are four main stages of focus of commercial architecture as follows:

  • Determine client requirements.
  • Determine the site location for inspection.
  • Create a design and plan proposal to be computerized and presented.
  • Final submission of the project plan complete with costing analysis.

Completed Commercial Architecture Projects in Florida by Miklos Architecture

At Miklos Architecture we design and create buildings ideal for use by businesses in Florida with our commercial architecture services. Function and style need to be combined in order to meet the demands of the business. In most major city centers you can see commercial architecture on display as most of these buildings are designed for commercial use.