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What’s trending in interior architecture in Boca Raton

Interior architecture in Boca Raton is advancing rapidly with regards to new trends emerging. Your home need not only be aesthetically please on the exterior, but the interior can now match the appeal. Here is a list of the top ten trending interior architecture ideas of 2015.

Let nature in

Gone are the cold harsh lines of clinical interiors. Nature is stepping into the interior and taking the world by storm. Many plants, warm woods and even aquariums are making an appearance in the interior world.

More sustainability

All interiors are busy gearing up to becoming more sustainable. This is a great turn in interior architecture due to the fact that it means people are becoming aware of the financial and ecological benefits of this practice.

Nooks and crannies make a comeback

Smaller home inspired nooks and crannies are making a comeback, making interiors more cozy and homely. This is a great reintroduction as homes are slowly becoming homely once again.

Luxury and bathroom meet

This is a hot trend which has been building in popularity throughout the years. Various spa features are now being introduced into residential bathrooms on a more regular basis. The public is indulging itself and this trend will be slow to fade out.

Stark contrast

This is beginning to emerge within interiors. Not only in color, but in light and shadow, antique and modern and the list goes on. The face of interiors is beginning to be bolder and stand out against one another.

Let the color burst

Gone are the neutral greys, beiges and whites of the past few years, as color is slowly starting to reintegrate itself within modern interiors. Be sure to look out for the different pops of color making appearances in interiors throughout.

Who can provide you with interior architecture

All these trends are amazing to conceptualize, but putting them into practice may be a bit harder than expected. With the help of a skilled interior architect however, you will be able to do this with ease. Miklos Architecture offers this, as well as many other architectural services to you and your family. Be sure to take a look at our portfolio and give us a call today to see how we can bring your interior to life in just the way you want it.