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Worldwide, not only in Boca Raton, architects have been making their presence known. For centuries architects have been contributing to society in forms of offices, churches, schools and homes, to name a few. Their presence can be felt on a worldwide basis dating as far back as the Ancient Greeks, in the construction of amphitheaters and the Parthenon. This specific trade is one of the oldest careers within society and commands a great deal of respect. You get various forms of architectural discipline and we will look a little further into them now.


Commercial architecture refers to the design of commercial buildings including offices as well as shopping centers and over the years, have developed and progressed immensely. The term starchitecture was born in pop culture and this refers to buildings which were designed by a famous architect – or starchitect – and are often structures which are slightly out of the ordinary. This can be seen more in commercial architecture than residential as people wish to make more of a statement in publically recognized places.


Residential architecture refers to the creation of homes. Architects strive both externally and internally and help homeowners develop their ideal spaces. A residential architect can also help the family by overseeing the construction process, ensuring everything is adhered to and completed properly. A residential architect has a lot of responsibility as a family is entrusting them with the hopes and dreams of a place they wish to call home. These architects can also help in the remodeling or renovations to existing homes.

Various specialties

Within these two sectors, you then get separations of disciplines. For example, a residential architect could be an interior architect as well, one who focuses on the aesthetics of the interior of a home. It is good to know what you wish to achieve and who to contact to reach your ultimate architectural goals.

Where to find them in Boca Raton

In Boca Raton, you can be sure to entrust your needs to only the best. Miklos Architecture has been standing strong since 1983 and has won multiple awards. We have a number of different services which we offer to our clients and have a team of highly qualified, skilled professionals to perform them. If you would like to view our portfolio, feel free. Contact us today for more information to see how we can help you.